Friday, 14 July 2017

Bye Work - Hello French Training!

Well…today is my last day before 8 months of French training. I’m excited, nervous and not sure what to expect. I just want it to go by fast, I want to pass and I want to find another job! So I’ll keep all that in my back pocket and I’m doing this and use that for motivation!

I have Rylie with me today since I’m only staying until 11am or so. That way, she can get home in time for lunch and her nap. As for the weekend, we don’t have much planned because we won’t have the car much so we have to stick close to home. Karen and Max are coming for a visit tomorrow though which will be fun and then we have the BBQ at their place on Sunday which we are excited for – and hoping the rain holds off so they can all swim.

Other than that, nothing is really happening. Maybe I’ll get some stuff done around the house. Get stuff organized for Rylie’s birthday and do a quick drive-by of the park I want to have her party at and make sure it’s good.

Have a great weekend – I’ll find time to blog throughout the weeks!

Until next time…


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Feeling Guilty

Before I had Rylie, I used to shop more. Not a whole lot but I had that “luxury” of extra money at hand. If I needed pants, I could get them. If I needed a dress for an upcoming wedding, I could buy it. Whatever I needed, for the most part, I could just get and not worry about my bank account too much.

After having Rylie…wow! What a turnaround. I never buy things for myself anymore without an insane amount of guilt. Every time I try to purchase a little something for myself, I always start wondering if I really need it at that moment – and that’s usually something like a new shampoo, a face cream, or a mascara – so let’s say $10 max! 9 times out of 10, I put it back on the shelf.

A few weeks ago, I left work early with a migraine and as I was leaving the strap on my purse broke and my stuff went flying. I had to throw my purse into my lunch bag. I wear the cross-body type of purse because of my back problems. I had to switch to one of my old over-the-shoulder purses and within the week, my back was killing me, yet, I still put off the purchase. I’m very picky with purses. I use them until they are completely finished. The fact that I even had a spare one was a miracle.

Last night, I decided it was time to get a new purse because I couldn’t deal with the back issues anymore and I didn’t need a flare up right before I start French training. Rylie also needed a hat for the sunny days. So I picked Rylie up and decided we’d go to the mall (Casey had a band practice for the gigs he has tonight, tomorrow and Saturday and he caught a ride with one of the guys so I actually had the car!!)

We got to Place d’Orleans and I went right to Bentley. I was in and out in about 3 minutes. I saw a black cross-body purse, Rylie said it was “very cool” and it was on a crazy sale – I didn’t even spend $20 on it! ZERO guilt came through on that purchase.

Similar to this one

Next stop, finding a hat for Rylie. We went to Justice and Gymboree with no luck then I remembered that H&M has a kids section.


I could have spent hours in the kids section in there – I found her the cutest fedora then all of a sudden, before I knew it, I had 7 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for her from the sale racks. I looked at Rylie and said “we have to get out of here or I’m gonna spend all my money in here” and she definitely did not object, haha!

If I had more time, I would have picked up some shoes for her from Payless. But, I don’t understand why kid shoes are so expensive?! The clearance prices on 2 cute pairs were $19!!! Umm?? To me, clearance prices are single digits…so they can get rid of them. Maybe I’m crazy but I’m also cheap! Kids feet seem to grow faster than the rest of them.

Even at Christmas, my mom and my mother-in-law always get me a gift card of some kind and I have to mentally tell myself, no, this is for YOU! Not for Rylie or Casey or anyone else – buy something for you. I still have the gift card from my Mom for Joe Fresh and I just spent the one from my mother in law in the Spring.

Does anyone else suffer from this? Buyers guilt?! I have no problem buying stuff for others but when it comes to me…I just can’t ever seem to have a logical reason why I need something. It’s insane and it’s not fair. I need pants, shirts, shoes…and a lot of things but I put myself last. I also haven't purchased something at full price in...I don't even know how long! Always sales prices...I need help (haha!)

Until next time…