Thursday, 18 January 2018

Thursday Things!

I think it’s another rambling day today because again, no brain power this morning.

God bless coffee! I was on a tea kick for a long time but with the lack of sleep over the last week and a half, I need the caffeine.

Also, with lack of sleep come the body aches and my back is definitely feeling it…

Oh, but yesterday I got a C on my practice written expression exam. I am here for BBB levels so the fact that I got a C on one of the tests makes me feel really good about test day.

AND speaking of tests – my comprehension exam is Feb 6 at 8:15am and my written expression is Feb. 12 at 10:30am. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been sleeping…stressing over the tests. That would make total sense.

I am almost finished season 3 of Jane the Virgin. Such a good show! I have a problem turning it off at night. Also might be a problem for the lack of sleep. I’m starting to see a wee pattern, haha!

After talking to Emily last night, we are staying at their place for the weekend of the wedding; which is great since it will save us a ton of money in hotel stays! AND I don’t have to split the budget between NS and the wedding. So excited!

Rylie is finally sleeping through the night without a pull-up! We’ve been putting them on her for the last couple of weeks at night because we wanted to finish the box up and to test how many would be dry come morning. I think she had one out of 20 that came out wet and that was because we let her take water to bed since she was sick and her throat was dry. Either way, this is a huge relief and she is officially done with pull-ups!

Amy and I are heading back to the gym on Monday and I cannot wait. This has been a brutal winter so far and we were both doing so well with our regimen and then the cold and flu hit and our households were down for the count. I can’t wait to get back into the routine.

Rylie is registered for school and her transfer application was handed into the other school. The transfer period is from Feb. 5 to 20 so we won’t know until after the 20th if her application is approved or rejected.

Rylie and I had PB and jam sandwiches for supper last night so we would have room for ice cream – specifically Chocolat Favoris. It’s good but in small portions because the dip is very decadent and very rich. You choose between vanilla or chocolate soft serve and they dip it into 1 of 12 bins of chocolate, dulce de leche, cookies and cream, etc. It gets hard and you literally have to bite the shell to get the ice cream. And I don’t mean like the chocolate shell from DQ. Rylie wanted the cookies and cream and I opted to try the red velvet and cookie dough.

I am already thinking of Christmas gift ideas for 2018. I know, I know. What in the actual hell?! BUTTTTT, it’s because I loved being ahead of the game last year so I am upping my game this year and starting to look NOW! My, how the times have changed. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older lol

Anyway, that’s all for me. Happy Thursday!

Until next time…


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Loving/Not Loving Wednesday!

I have zero brain power left for this week. Thank GOD it’s Wednesday though because…wow!

Here’s what I’m loving AND not loving today…

I’m Loving…that it’s Wednesday!
Not Loving…that it feels like the week will never end

I’m Loving…that there are many options at this end of downtown Ottawa for coffee because #mommyneedsit
Not Loving…the lineups at them all

I’m Loving…that I am usually the first person to arrive in the class room so I get the kettle ready for the other girl and fill up the water base for the Keurig for the guys. PLUS, I have the quiet time to review my stuff.
Not Loving…how freezing this room always is.

I’m Loving…that Rylie will be the flower girl in 2 weddings this summer; my sister’s (July) and my cousin Emily’s (August)
Not Loving…making up my mind on all the cute options that Em sent me last night to look through! They are all so adorable!

I’m Loving…all the things happening this summer! Weddings, babies coming into our lives and a trip to Nova Scotia!
Not Loving…that I’m likely cutting our NS trip shorter than planned; instead of a week, we’ll do a long weekend; because Emily’s wedding is the weekend after. I am super happy to make them both work though!

I’m Loving…that the OCDSB emailed me yesterday to remind me about registration for kindergarten next week
Not Loving…my baby is going to kindergarten in the Fall!! How can this be?!

I’m Loving…all the practice exams in class we’ve been doing
Not Loving…that apparently 2 of the exams are the week of February 5 and the oral is the last week of March. Coming fast!!

Anyway, that’s all for me today! Have a great Wednesday!!

Until next time…


Monday, 15 January 2018

Recap of Life - ugh!

Well, 2018 hasn’t been a great one so far in our household. The cold hasn’t left and has been around since before Christmas. It started with Rylie, then passed on to me and then Casey just had it last week. Rylie and I still have the cough from our colds and Casey seems to be fine (jerk!)

Our weekend was uneventful in every way of the word.

Friday morning started with a wakeup call at 4am with a fevered Rylie-Roo. She wouldn’t go back to bed so up we got. And she seemed fine; she was eating, drinking and playing; she was still her sassy little self. It was a quiet night since Casey was out plowing.

3am Saturday morning, I am woken up, again, by a fevered girl (38.6) and again, no symptoms. BUT I was scared that this could mean something that I wasn’t seeing. So I loaded her up and off to the clinic we went and thankfully, we had our family doctor! Rylie was excited to see her lol but so was I. She said her ears, lungs and throat were clear but she took a swab to be on the safe side since her throat was a little redder than normal. I should know the results today (even though I’m 100% positive it’s not strep). She checked her over for rashes too for hand, foot and mouth disease. She also had a look at Rylie’s strawberry mark on her back and was so happy with how much it has disappeared.

We got home and literally did nothing. She had a nap and Casey came home from his shift. My parents came for a visit with my niece and nephew after his hockey game across the river. The kids all played for a while before they headed back home to wait for my sister and brother-in-law to get back from their ridiculously bad luck-filled trip (lol). I had a big pot of beef stew in the slow cooker all day so I was happy to get that ready to eat. Dolly and Bryson popped in for a visit which was nice since I hadn’t talked to Dolly almost all last week. After they left, we headed up to bed and Casey left for work.

And wouldn’t you know it, I was woken up at 3:43am with a high-fevered girl (39.4) and I was scared. Again, no symptoms but she was a little cuddlier than the other 2 days; she wasn’t overly hungry or thirsty which really scared me. So I gave her a dose of Advil and waited…she was so, so hot and I was terrified. While she and Casey went for a nap, I ran to do groceries because I needed to get out of my house. When they woke up, the fever was kind of gone (37.4) but just before supper time, the fever broke. I could have cried from sheer excitement. The thermometer still read 37.1 but she was cool to touch so I was glad.

I went to bed feeling much less nervous and anxious but then she came crawling into our bed at midnight and I was thinking this better not be another fever!! But there wasn’t, she was still nice and cool but the cough that came out of her was awful. So she’s home again today with Daddy and hopefully we can kick this out of her.

Anyway – I hope you all had a more eventful weekend than I did!

Until next time…


Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Welcome to 2018! I am happy to have a fresh start, a clean slate and new adventures to begin!

Christmas was great. A lot of snow. A lot of cold weather. But also, a ton of family time, food, drinks and gatherings. My heart was so full over the holidays.

Christmas Eve – we had a Christmas gathering on the McCann side of the family, just down the road from our place, which was nice. Rylie received some cute gifts from her great-aunts. We were home early.

Christmas Day – we were up around 7:45am. We let Rylie open her stocking and her presents from Santa, while Casey and I watched. She was so much fun this year. With every single gift she opened, she was saying “oh my gosh!” It was adorable. We packed up and headed up to Mom and Dad’s just in time for breakfast. After we ate, we opened gifts. Soon enough it was time for a nap then heading to the hall for our dinner. We had to head back home after the dinner though because Casey had to plow. Turned out to be a blessing because I was completely stuffed up and ended up in bed with a fever that night.

Boxing Day – quiet morning. Cleaned up from Christmas morning. Casey slept until around 1pm. We headed to Amy and Tyler’s to hang out and have dinner together. Amy made a yummy garlic chicken meal which was a tasty change from turkey! We hung out there until 11:30pm or so before heading back home.

27th – Rylie went to daycare around 9:30am then Casey and I got to work on cleaning all of Rylie’s old toys. What a fun job that was! We threw out all the old crap ones like McDonald’s toys and random things. We made room for all her new toys.

28th – Rylie went to daycare even though she had a crazy cough. She insisted on going. Casey and I ran out to try and finish his Christmas shopping for his Dad and I bought a new phone. Acer is done and I’m back with my Samsung! I got the S7 for $0 and 2 extra gigs so for the same price I was paying; I now have a new phone and 3GB! Yay! We also went for a Sushi date!

29th – Rylie wanted to go to daycare so she went and we picked up and set up her new bunk bed. After doing that, we picked Rylie up and headed to Gatineau to visit with Jess and Faceman! We had spaghetti for supper and watched the Canada game. It was just nice catching up with them!

30th – we went out to Limoges for our “Friendsmas” gift exchange and turkey dinner. SO much fun, too much food and lots of laughing. Casey was gone to a gig.

New Year’s Eve – Ry and I were flying solo, again. Casey had a gig and our plans of going to Amy and Ty’s were cancelled since the flu decided to grace them with its presence. So we just hung out and she was in bed at 8:30pm and I forced myself to stay awake while watching Jane the Virgin.

New Year’s Day – we knew nothing was open but we were bored so we decided to hit up the improved Science and Tech museum. I had a coupon that got us in for free so that was good! It was a blast. Everything I remember from when I was a kid was all in there still. Rylie loved it! It was a little too crowded for my liking but still worth it for Rylie.

Hope you all had a great holiday season. I know I sure did! We have our final Christmas gathering this weekend with my in-laws, so that will be fun!

Until next time…


Friday, 22 December 2017


It’s Friday. The Christmas holidays are coming so fast, I can barely contain myself. I’m at school today but only for half the day. This cough is still driving me crazy but I didn’t want to waste a half day since there is only me and one other student. It will fly!

Rylie has a jammie-day at daycare today and she is very excited. It's also their Christmas party. We aren't allowed to pick her up before 6pm this evening. We'll give Tammy her gift when we pick Ry up. We got Tammy a gift card for the Nordic Spa, a blanket scarf and a journal that says "Best Daycare Provider EVER!" I can't wait to see her open it!

We had our office Christmas lunch at Union613 on Wednesday and let’s just say…a little too hipster for me. I won’t be going back. For the price of the lunch, it wasn’t worth it in my opinion. It was nice catching up with everyone from the office though.

We are done wrapping the gifts. Everything is under the tree. Yes, even the ones from Santa because Rylie doesn’t know how to read yet, haha! All I have to do is stuff the stockings with their goodies!

I went to Costco last night to get carrots (for Christmas dinner) and I needed a few more things. I was in and out of there in under an hour – which included eating too – and I didn’t break $100! Definitely a record!

Our plans are all up in the air too because of the stupid snow in the forecast. We are still going to the McCann Christmas Eve party but we won’t be very late since we have stuff to do with Rylie before bedtime. We are going to Quyon on Christmas Day morning but whether we stay the night or not is up in the air since Casey will be on call if there is snow. Boxing Day looks like we don’t have plans so whatever happens, happens!

Stress-free Christmas 2017 has been a success! I’m not worrying about people’s gifts. I did about 97% of my shopping online! We all managed to get sick before the holidays so here’s hoping it goes away by Sunday.

I am off from Noon today until 8am January 2, 2018!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year. May 2018 be the greatest one yet!

Until next time…


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I’m Loving…that the snow stopped for the time being. It was chaos coming to work yesterday.

I’m Loving…that because of that snow yesterday, I made up for lost gym time. Walking in that snow was a crazy workout. My legs and butt are sore today. Plus this cough has  been giving me an ab workout, haha!

I’m Loving…that we will have a white Christmas.

I’m Loving…that today is a half day for me. I have my work Christmas lunch today at Union 613.

I’m Loving…that my class and I had our Christmas lunch yesterday at 3 Brewers and that pretzel I had was so, so delicious!

I’m Loving…that I have another half day on Friday because the school closes at Noon. Plus, there will only be one and one other student in that day anyway. I can’t wait.

I’m Loving…that last Friday night, my friend and I went to see Bad Mom’s Christmas all decked out in our ugly Christmas sweaters. It was so much fun and we laughed so, so much! Our adventure in Bulk Barn before that was also a blast, haha!

I’m Loving…tea. I haven’t been drinking much coffee at all lately.

I’m Loving…that my anxiety has been so great lately. I think my meds are finally regulated and I’m starting to feel normal again.

I’m Loving…my neighbor, Erin! She has been making bath bombs, bath bags and letting me be her guinea pig. The bath bag was a detox one and Satsuma scented and wow! I slept like a baby last night! She also made a double batch of shepherd’s pie and sent us over almost a half pan worth. I love not having to cook supper.

I’m Loving…how much we actually swap food and goodies between houses, haha!

That seems to be all that’s on my mind today.

Happy Hump Day!!

Until next time…


Friday, 15 December 2017


I cannot wait for this week to be over! I was in class on Monday while Casey was home with Rylie who was battling the cold. Then I had to be home with her Tuesday and Wednesday because she was still pretty sick and Casey was out plowing. I was so ecstatic to get out of my house on Wednesday night for all of 30 minutes because I had some running around to do and Casey was finally awake. I popped in at Amy and Ty’s with their Christmas gift (wine, that was their gift lol) because they have been having a crappy couple of weeks with the kids being sick and I figured after Tyler’s face bouncing through a Kubota windshield, they deserved their gift a wee bit early!

Coming back yesterday was great though. Easy day plus we’re on our 2 weeks of review before starting the final phase of French! We had a potluck with the school yesterday (that was my running around on Wednesday night). And the afternoon was easy enough, the teacher let us leave at 3pm which was so appreciated because guess who is starting to feel like garbage?? ME! I guess it was only a matter of time since my child was actually attached to me and actively sneezing and coughing on me for 2 solid days.

Anyway – enough of that, I am so happy to see this week end. First up, tonight I am going out for dinner and a movie with a friend of mine. We haven’t had a chance to hang out in ages. We’re going to see Bad Mom’s 2! I can’t wait!

Tomorrow, I don’t think we have anything planned during the day but we’ll be babysitting Bryson for the evening. Rylie will be so excited, she has been asking about him a lot lately and when he’s gonna come over and play with her.

Sunday, I would like to do something as a family but not sure what; maybe skating or maybe Kids Kingdom or something. Whatever it is, I want it to run my child’s energy dry!

I am all done shopping for Christmas! Except my dad’s gift card which I’m getting today or tomorrow. I still have things shipping from Old Navy and Amazon so I’m excited! We have to start wrapping too, which I have tasked Casey with since he is so good at it…and he’s home all day today without Rylie so he can get through a good chunk of the gifts.

Anyway, that’s all for me today! Have a great weekend everyone!

Until next time…